My First Roundup Feature!

So I had a quick squint at the metrics for my site, and there was a huge spike in the stats yesterday. Having no idea what could have caused it, I'm really excited to see one of my free patterns appear on a pattern roundup at's Crochet Section!

I really do need to get better photos of the wreath; I was quite new to using a DSLR when I took the original shots and the contrast is just awful, which does the finished thing no justice at all.

In other news, I have another pattern lined up for publication. It's a kitchen-themed item for Happily Hooked magazine, and will be in the February 2016 issue. I've also (finally) gotten myself a dressmakers form. Before I moved to Orkney, I had an old rusty adjustable model that worked fine for basic drafting, but was completely unsuitable for photography. I decided not to bring it with me, so I've not had one for a few years. Since I was given an online voucher for my birthday a week ago, I decided to spend it on something practical and while I couldn't afford a new adjustable model, the fixed-size one I got will work quite well for now. I'm currently working on a basic summer top in Sirdar Beachcomber, which I hope to have finished soon.