Stash Busting and 2016 Goals

I've been meaning to come up with a pattern for something that will eat up the stash of yarn I have that's not enough to make a single item or garment in one colour or yarn type, but is too much to throw away. What I came up with was a simple zigzag scarf that's easily customised to any length and is topped off with awesome pompoms.

I was in the middle of writing up the pattern for this when my laptop adapter decided to stop working, so it's going to take longer than I anticipated to get it online. It's a relatively simple pattern, but all of my crochet symbol fonts are stuck either on my laptop or in the Cloud, and I can't use them on any of my other connectable devices.

The pattern should be the first thing I have up in 2016. I'm wanting to really push myself creatively in the next year - do a craft-a-long in a month, get more original patterns in print, work on my spinning techniques are just a few things I have in mind. Right now, I'm trying to find a notebook for keeping all of my ideas in one place, but I'm struggling to find one that I'm comfortable with. For a start, trying to find a sturdy notepad in narrow rule is almost impossible. Narrow rule has always been my preferred type, but it's a lot more difficult to get these days than I remember it being 15 or so years ago. I can find narrow rule in Rhino, Kokuyo, Pukka and WHSmith brands, but all of them (other than Kokuyo) are refill pads. I had a look at refillable notebook covers and while some of them are appealing, I just had to shell out on a new laptop adapter. Maybe I can try to make my own and make it my first real project of 2016! Failing that, I might just try to justify a cover to myself in the end...