A Little Bit of Yarn Bombing

A while ago, I decided that I wanted to make some little crochet gifts using some leftover yarn in my stash. I uhhm and aahed over what to make - there are lots of iconic "Orkney" things that would have made for complimentary subjects, like puffins, standing stones and Viking longships. What to choose?


In the end, I went for a simple little house design. The idea behind it was to give people a little piece of home away from home. Orkney is the number one destination for cruise ships to visit in the British Isles, and while I never intend this sort of yarn bombing to be exclusively for tourists, the concept of a portable representation of home felt like the right one for this project.

I made nine houses in total and hid them around the centre of town. Some were more obvious than others; I didn't want to hide them so well that they weren't discovered! I put them out late at night, ready to go to new homes the next morning. It turned out to be a beautiful night with a typical Orkney sunset for the time of year.

I wonder where the houses have ended up and how they are being used. It's nice to think that they could be scattered all over the world!