Quick Roundup

I've been so busy over the past few weeks that I've not had much time to blog. There's sooooo much reading to do now that I'm in the final year of my degree that it's taking up most of my time, but I haven't neglected my crafts.

I made this little guy as a sample for workshops on amigurumi that I'll be leading later this year. I'll post more details about it when they're available, but for now, enjoy this cute little guy. His ears and tail are finished with eyelash yarn, which is normally a pain to crochet with, but using it for trim worked well this time.

I've also been knitting a lot of gloves. This pair is made from wool from one of the islands here on Orkney - Papa Westray. It's been sitting in my stash since October, a victim of my "you're so lovely that I don't want to do anything with you so I'll just stare at how pretty you are" syndrome that affects me whenever I get my hands on some yarn that's available in finite quantities.

I've moved onto knitting some Fair Isle gloves using 3ply Shetland wool yarn, and I'm ridiculously happy with how they've turned out. They do, however, need blocked and trying to find glove boards with individual fingers has been a nightmare. I ended up contacting a woodworker on Shetland that I found through the Shetland Arts and Crafts that makes them; I've ordered a pair and they should be with me by the end of the week.

Finally, here's a little preview of a pattern that I'm almost finished writing the complete size-set for. A simple tunic in chunky yarn that's a great introduction to crocheting clothes. It will be available to buy from my Ravelry store in the next couple of weeks!