Laldie Haans

Laldie Haans Craft Festival

Orkney is getting a new craft festival! Laldie Haans will take place in the last week of April this year, and will be hosted throughout the islands. Events and workshops on crafts ranging from ceramics to origami are in the line up, and I will be running two on crochet! Namely, they will be on amigurumi. For those unfamiliar with the term, it's a Japanese word that literally translates into "knitted toy", and is most often associated with a cute style of crochet toy that is made by continuously crocheting in the round. In the first workshop, I'll be teaching an introduction to amigurumi where you'll learn how to read a crochet pattern, crochet in the round and put everything together to make this little Selkie:

The second workshop will be for more advanced crocheters that are already familiar with the amigurumi process, or are skilled in standard crochet enough to translate their existing skills to making amigurumi dolls. It will be more theory based, and will focus on how to design your own amigurumi. The Selkie in the first workshop shows the basic concepts of amigurumi, but there is so much more to making amigurumi that can make your dolls even more special and unique. It will involve looking at the range of materials you can incorporate into amigurumi (threads, beading, movable limbs, hair, painted eyes, using fabric paints), how to combine different shapes to achieve your design ambitions, and even how to sketch out an idea for a doll and translate it into crochet.

More details on my two workshops, and the festival in general, are to follow. This is the first year Laldie Haans is running; support for it at this stage is vital to ensure it grows year on year, and Orkney is home to a wonderful and talented base of crafters so check in often to see what everyone is up to!